MIBOS implements and runs highly integrated projects which promote and foster broad-based community development with goals in 5 key areas:


Helping orphans and street children build a better future for themselves, as well as the community, is one of our primary goals.  


MIBOS aims to assist Tanzania's agriculture through the establishment of demonstration plots for Cassava using improved and resistant seeds, working with famers and much more. 


MIBOS aims to provide access to water in rural underprivileged communities where access to clean and safe water is either missing or severely compromised and offer counselling services and awareness programs on HIV-AIDS, Malaria, Alcoholism and Drug Abuse.


MIBOS encourages and promotes the preservation of the environment, by the community, through Awareness Training and also by providing various species of tree seedlings for schools, gardens, plantations, refugee affected areas, around houses and on bare hills and the plains. 

Mission for Improvement and Boosting of Organizational Services

MIBOS Christian Ethics & Missionary Program is a Christian mission program to boost the community both physically and spiritually in Tanzania and surroundings.