Protection of the Enviroment

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Uncontrolled clearing of existing forests is among the major causes of environmental degradation in Tanzania. 

MIBOS encourages and promotes preservation of the environment, by the community, through Awareness Training and also by providing various species of tree seedlings for schools, gardens, plantations, refugee affected areas, around houses and on bare hills and on the plains. 

Through support from CONCERN, UNWFP and local Community Members, the organization is running Environmental Conservation Activities in 46 villages in the Kigoma urban and rural areas. 

We have, so far, trained 230 facilitators and set up committees of about 25 people in these villages. We provide those communities with tree seedlings. 

MIBOS has established several tree nurseries, in which we nurture different species of tree from seeds including: ornamental, fencing, agro forestry, fruit bearing, windbreakers, fuel wood, medicinal and other species of trees. 

Policy Engement

We are actively engaged in Policy Analysis, Lobbying and Advocacy. 

We are currently engaged in a programme with the World Wide Fund (WWF) named "Make it happen". In this program we focus on the following areas: Forestry, Fisheries, Wildlife, and Mining. 

Maendelo Group

Based in Msimba village (Kigoma Rural District). this group is involved in Brick Manufacturing. It is primarily a Youth Group (16 yo to 35 yo). It has grown to 15 members since 2004. The group produces and sells bricks, as an Income generating activity. Prior to the formaition of this group they were unemployed and without income. We are currently working with them to form a SACCOS. 

Community Training Centre

The Hekima Group provides training to Community Based Organizations primarily in the areas of Adult Literacy and Leadership and Capacity Building and the various skills required to achieve sustainable results.